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In the 1980s and 90s, Human Resources were too often an extension of the "Personnel Services department". During the 21 century however,  Human Resources gradually developed into a multipurpose turning-table and a fixed asset in each contemporary organization. While thinking about all the options and possibilities, such as Insourcing, Outsourcing, posting, interim management, coaching, Headhunting, Recruitment, Talent Spotting, Talent management,… an organization can get lost rapidly. In spite of all these HR implementations in a lot of companies in the past couple of years, there is no reason to sit back and relax. Our world changes in a supersonic tempo. Blue collars, white collars, middle management, management,etc... expect more and more freedom within the labor market in which they are active. A satisfying work-life balance is becoming the n° 1 priority for people, salary comes second. The so-called volatility of employees is difficult to monitor. Therefore it's very important to set up the right profile and find the right talent. This way, you reduce, in a steady manner, the chance on losing people in this ‘War for Talent’ we operate in. This is where Mentorprise steps in.  Since 1991.

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